Message from the President

Dr. Kusse Gudishe

           Jinka University is among the fourth-generation higher education institutions established by the council of minister’s Proclamation Number 353/2008, in 2017 (2009 E.C.). The university officially launched its service provision with four colleges and fourteen departments enrolling 1094 students. The university also runs one research center, which called South Omo Research Center (SORC). As comprehensive University, JKU developed its ten-year strategic plan and is investing full potential to achieve its goals. In this strategic plan, potential themes are identified and prioritized. The first and the strategically important one is livestock and fishery studies. This is followed by cultural diversity, biodiversity and agro industry studies, too.

In this consideration, the University “Aspires to become one of the top five comprehensive public universities in Ethiopia by the year 2030”

The basic pillars of the plan spins around the four core elements: teaching learning, Research, Community Engagement and Technology transfer.

The teaching learning wing is stretching its coverage and number of programs 14 to 24. The enrolment rate has also seen increment from 1,094 to 4, 237. JKU has graduated its ever first batch students with colorful graduation ceremony (above 800 students). JKU is expanding and extending its outreach community services through Continuous Education Program (CEP) and enrolled over 1,000 weekend and summer students. In pursuit of the satisfaction of the nearby community, we have also managed to extend the CEP via two education centers. The first is, Hail Wuha Center, opened in collaboration with OmoKuraz Sugar Factory and a second one is on the verge of opening at Semien Aari woreda (Gelila Center). We have also held validation workshops to open postgraduate programs in seven specialization areas.

As our university is situated in multicultural environment with diverse natural resources, in addition to institution-based researches, organizing research symposiums and conferences help us to boost our achievement and side by side play a significant role in equipping our vibrant young academicians and researchers to flourish out of the vicious circle of traditional research paper production through sharing experience from prominent researchers.

Finally, the geographical location of our institution gives us tremendous opportunity to search for new knowledge and, thus, JKU extends its hands to collaborate and integrate, to produce reliable and practical research outputs, with national and international organizations.

Thank you

“Knowledge for Change”

Kusse Gudishe Goroya (PhD)


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Jinka University, Ethiopia