Community Services Directorate

Community Service Directorate is one of the Directorates under the Vice President for Research and Community Services, is engaged to coordinate and supervise the provision of quality training, consultancy services, and community demand-driven development work projects. It also provides problem-solving technologies, knowledge, and meaningful community service via staff engagement in collaboration with various government sectors, industries, business organizations, development agencies and social institutions.
JKU Community Service Directorate aspires to be a leading demand-driven community service provider in Ethiopia; and center of excellence in consultancy service in the field of socio cultural and biodiversity development and management, and integrated agricultural sector modernization and transformation in Africa by 2019.
JKU Community Service Directorate has a mission of offering relevant, demand-driven and accessible community services.
The general objectives of community service in JKU shall be to assist the community via capacity building, awareness creation, generation of resources/Revenues, livelihood improvement, improve life styles, establishing/enhancing partnership and linkages with stakeholders working on research, public policy and governance, public service and human resource development, urban waste management, education, health, social, economic and environmental issues, and other activities in line with JKU Vision and Mission.

The Director for Community Services has duties and responsibilities to:
 Provide leadership and strategic direction in the areas of knowledge, skills transfer and innovation across the University;
 Lead community service projects and work in collaboration with other offices in identifying, evaluating, and following up;
 Establish a system of outreach service management for the University;
 Coordinate, monitor and evaluate the performance of the various outreach service units of the university;
 Coordinate, facilitate and guide training services to be provided by the academic staff of the University to various communities;
 Deliver training services to various stakeholders in the areas of their needs and requests;
 Develop policy and guidelines that give clear direction about community services that emanate from JKU’s missions;
 Guide and support institutes’ community services committees in their efforts to facilitate the solicitation and delivery of community services in the areas of excellence of the department;
 Guide and facilitate organization and documentation of knowledge and innovations generated and developed by each department for dissemination and application by target communities;
 Organize public lectures and academic seminars on current issues and community concerns
 Develop, facilitate and motivate the execution of grand community projects and services
 Advice the VPRCS in the areas of Community Services
 Perform any other related duties as may be required by the VPRCS

Quality at all: we greatly endorse the undertaking of providing quality researches and community services.
Teamwork: by its nature the organizational structure of CSD highly demands team work, i.e., the activity of one is related directly or indirectly with the other. Therefore, we decidedly promote teamwork.
Care for partners: Our goals will be achieved in close collaboration with our partners. Thus, we greatly value our partners.
Committed to ethics: Compliance to legal, social and professional ethics and norms is crucial for our development and goodwill.
Creativity and Innovation: Introducing new working conditions and generating valuable knowledge and technology are the backbones for the success of the Core Process.
Proudly community servant: Serving the community with all paramount efforts will enhance both the living condition of the community and moral satisfaction of the employees in the Core Process.
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Contact Address
Mr. Argachew Bochena
Director, Community Service Directorate
Mobile: – +251-913777600
Email: –
POB:- 165