Jinka University holds inauguration ceremony of ‘Multipurpose hall and Training center’ today on 26th day of October 2022.

Jinka University holds inauguration ceremony of ‘Multipurpose hall and Training center’ today on 26th day of October 2022.


       The ceremony that has been held today is mainly to inaugurate and handover the multipurpose hall and training center.

The center is built by the fund which is by the government of Japan.

It is established to deliver different activities like to hold meetings, to spend leisure times especially for jinka town youths, to use as a place where to prepare infotainment programs, and mini-library hall also there.

Top managers of JKU, south omo zone and jinka town administrative personnel and stakeholders from Japan embassy have participated in the program.

The welcoming speech is addressed by Elias Alemu (PhD), vice president for research and community services, and Kusse Gudishe(PhD) president of JKU, opened the stage as well as he has given brief explanation about JKU and the background of the collaboration between the university and Japan embassy.

Remark speech also delivered by Mr. Takahshi Hiroyuki, head of economic division of embassy of Japan in Ethiopia, on behalf of the ambassador Ito Takako.

Mr. Takahshi thanked for the whole stakeholders and mentioned the total budget that was spent to construct the multipurpose training and education center which contains three training and educational rooms, one kitchen, a library and two office rooms.

Based on his speech more than 119,000 USD was provided by Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots and Human Security Projects (GGP) for the construction.

There is also an ongoing JICA project called the Project for Development and Operation Model of Plant-derived Soil Additives for Road Disaster Reduction on Problematic Soil, that being carried out in collaboration with JKU and Kyoto University scholars.

On the other hand, prof. Masayoahi Shigeta from Kyoto University gave a brief about historical background of field research activities by Kyoto university in relation to the development assistance to the communities in south omo.

Moreover, Mr. Taddesse Kayi, vice administrator of South omo zone, extended his thank for JKU and for the government of Japan.

Finally, joint research projects, capacity building in staff development, and collaboration by community engagement works will be the next activities as mentioned on the program.

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