Department of Management


The department of Management is one of the departments in Jinka University, established under the College of Business and Economics. Management is a crucial element in economic growth of a country. It brings together the factors of production and enable the country to experience economic development. A country with enough resources can still be poor if it does not have competent managers to combine and coordinate the resources. Thus, the program is aimed at producing graduates that are equipped with adequate knowledge, skill and attitude towards the application of management concepts.

Objectives of the program

Through its programs the department has the objective of producing:

  • Professionals who are capable of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling activities of private, public, non-government and government organizations;
  • Professionals who can competently manage marketing, finance operations, human resource, materials, information resources, etc.;
  • Professionals who are responsive and effective in working with and through others as well as capable of making and implementing decisions;
  • Professionals capable of searching and developing opportunities as well as tackling problems and
  • Professionals who are able to face the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s highly complex and competitive environment.