Research and Communities Service Vice President

In addition to developing scholars, the university should also prepare to play an appropriate role in research and community service delivery. The research and research undertaken by the university will provide a broader range of efforts to collaborate with stakeholders and industry to develop appropriate technologies, collaborate, and transform, as a basis for solving problems.
Making the University one of the leading educational institutions in the country, by providing relevant and problem-solving research, providing community service and delivering relevant, and appropriate technologies to the community and industry.
Conduct relevant and problem-solving research, provide community services that contribute to social and economic development, and strengthen university-industry linkages and create and adapt technologies that are relevant to the community and industry
Parts of work
1) Research Directorate
2) Community Service Directorate
3) Directorate of University Industrial Relations and Technology Transition Directorate
4) Center for Biodiversity and Biodiversity Research
Building a national research and capacity-based institutional research capacity: Access to community services Ensuring institutional capacity contributing to industry development

The following Offices will directly report to the VPRCS:

Research Directorate
Technology Transfer Directorate
Communities Services
UIL Directorate
Center of Excellence