Public and International Relations

Vision, Mission, Values ​​and Objectives of the Directorate

Vision: To be at the forefront of the university’s development process by providing quality access to information about the University’s mission in teaching, research and community service.

Mission: Making quality, relevant and reliable information accessible.

Values: To excel, excellence, relevance, academic freedom, co-responsibility, commitment and honesty, participatory diversity, transparency and accountability, equity and equality, social responsibility, corruption and apathy, entrepreneurship, tolerance, arrogance, globalization

Principle: Knowledge for Change

The main objectives

The Directorate provides access to the University’s teaching, research and community service in a variety of media, including electronic, print, and social media, making it accessible to the university community and the public.

Maintain healthy communication within the university and outside of the university in a manner that is transparent and accountable and fosters an international connection.


Contact Address

Mr. Zergaw Manargo

Director, Public and International Relations Directorate 

Mobile: – +251-911799015

Email: – 



POB:- 165