College of Social Sciences and Humanities


Overall Information

The College of Social Sciences (CSS) was established in 2017 following the reorganization of Jinka University (JKU).  Over the years since its establishment, CSS experienced some changes that often resulted from the departure and inclusion of certain units.  With the rapid expansion of the remaining departments, the CSS continued to maintain prominence within JKU and the country at large. The 2012 division of the Department of Sociology departments, the launching of the new department.  Social Work and the Center for African Studies significantly changed the profile of the CSS, which now runs many undergraduate programs.

With its rich experiences, expanding undergraduate programs, research undertakings by faculty and graduating students, publications, and networking, the College of Social Sciences is well prepared not only to advance the horizon of knowledge in the broader academic realm but also contribute to national development efforts, trans-cultural understanding, and meeting other challenges of the 21st Century.

undergraduate academic programs

  • History and heritage management
  • Geography and environmental studies
  • English language and literature
  • Social anthropology
  • Psychology and
  • Civics