Institutional Change and Good Governance


The Office of Institutional Transformation (OIT) of JKU is one of the three offices established under the office of Director General for Strategic Managing in the new organizational structure of JKU since the University is accountable for Ministry of Science and Technology. The Office of Institutional Transformation was established in July 2010 to coordinate the reform process at University level. Previously, this office was amalgamated with Office of Strategic Planning and it was run by one associate dean and a team leader. Under the new structure of JKU, the office is reformed as a directorate and run by a director and staffed with a team leader, one senior institutional transformation expert, one executive secretary I and messenger.

Major Goals

The major goal of the Office of Institutional Transformation Directorate is to scale up the service standards of JKU and ensure proper implementation of JKU’s vision to become the first choice in Ethiopia and a premier center of excellence in Technology and applied sciences in Africa by 2015.

Major Duties of OIT

In order to speed up the successful institutional transformation of JKU, the OIT shall accomplish the following major duties:

  • Ensure the proper implementation of change management tools (BSC, BPR, KAIZEN, Educational Development Army) in both academic and administration wings of JKU;
  • Conduct periodic evaluation of the quality of services delivered by various offices in JKU;
  • Identify skill gap and offer short term trainings that could improve the performance of the workers;
  • Design and implement award and incentive strategies in a continuous manner and change the work culture of the employees in JKU;
  • Introduce new working procedures based on the experiences shared from benchmarked best international universities and scale up the service standard in JKU;
  • Nurture and disseminate best practices within JKU;
  • Report progresses on the transformation of JKU and identify challenges that the university need to tackle.

Customers of OIT

  • Program Owners
  • Cross-Cutting Units
  • JKU Supervisory Board
  • President Office
  • Directorate of Ethics and Anti-Corruption
  • Human Resource Directorate